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  • ZDTP


    Chemical Name             : Zinc Dialkylphosphorodithiloate

    Molecular Formula        : C24H52O4S4P2Zn

    Structural Formula

    Application: ZDTP is a fast curing secondary accelerator for NR and EPDM when used in NR to improve reversion resistance. Care must be taken to select the level of ZDTP to obtain the best compromise between scorch and reversion resistance. Since ZDTP is non-blooming and non-discoloring. It can be used in translucent, fast curing NR shoe sole compounding.

    Package: 25kg in plastic fabric laminated Kraft bags lined with plastic bags

    Storage :It should be stored in dry and cool place with good ventilation, below temperature 50C, and avoiding exposure of the packaged product in direct sunlight. The shelf life is one year.