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  • General Charcteristic

    Durometer Range (Shore A)


    Tensile Range (P.S.I / MPA )

    500-3000 / 3.5-20.5

    Elongation (Max %)


    Compression Set


    Resilience – Rebound


    Abrasion Resistance


    Tear Resistance


    Solvent Resistance


    Oil Resistance


    Low Temperature Usage (C°)

      -18° to -45°

    High Temperature Usage (C°)

     Up to 100°

    Aging Weather – Sunlight


    Adhesion to Metals


    SBR is a non-oil resistant, low cost material. It displays a good resistance to water and resilience up to 70 durometer. Its compression set becomes poorer as durometer increases. SBR rubber also provides good abrasion, wear and tensile qualities and can be readily substituted for natural rubber in many applications with significant cost savings. Generally, SBR proves satisfactory against most moderate chemicals and wet or dry organic acids. It is not recommended to use SBR in applications that involve ozone, strong acids, oils, greases, fats and most hydrocarbons.

    SBR Rubber Applications: Since the material exhibits excellent resistance to brake fluids as well as good water resistance, synthetic rubber parts are commonly used in hydraulic brake system seals and diaphragms.

    SBR rubber is also widely used in the following applications:

    *   O-rings SBR rubber pads

    *   Synthetic Rubber Seals

    *   Rubber Gaskets

    *   SBR grommets

    *   Custom molded rubber components for plumbing applications