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  • Our Textile Cord & Steel Cord manufactured by world biggest tire manufacturer.

    We have most high grade materials in warehouse. Also our customers or visitors are able to visit there for inspect and checking quality.

    Textile Cord Sample                                                   Steel Cord Sample


    Textile Cord
    You are welcome to visit our warehouse of Textile Cord



    Calendar Lines are producing Textile Cord as single machines or in combined lines.

    Textile Cord:
    The task: If the textile cord is not centered before and behind the calendar, and the thread spread is not a consistent continuous width over the complete breadth of the material, quality problems result.

    The solution: For textile cord: to install guiding systems which both center and expand the fabric prior to the calendar, and to use center guiding after the calendar. The center guiding is accomplished by guiding with steering frames in different versions fitted to the specific different tension areas of the machine. The expander system is worked out as a single expander (one actuator) or as double expander (two actuators, one for each side). Single units are able to expand the fabric from its center line and double expanders are able to expand each side of the material separately, which results in the best thread spread throughout the material. Behind the expander often Triocanter units are installed to spread only the outer area of the fabric directly prior to the calendar.

    Steel Cord
    You are welcome to visit our warehouse of Steel Cord



    Calendar Lines are producing Steel Cord as single machines or in combined lines.

    Steel Cord:
    The task : To center the material behind the calendar and the edge trimming.

    The solution : To install an edge trimming system directly behind the calendar and also to install steering frame guides in the downstream direction rewind.

    Benefits: Less start-up scrap and continuous process quality control during the production that ensures more reliability in production.